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Event Overview

“The attendees were focused and engaged, the breakout discussions were stimulating, and the talks were rich and provided a range of diverse perspectives on the future of the haptics industry.” - CSO, Embr Labs

About Smart Haptics

The ongoing development and production of haptic technology enables accessibility-minded solutions and innovative ways of interacting with and understanding our world. By providing a forum dedicated to this industry, this event encourages industry collaboration and a platform to facilitate important and insightful conversations about emerging haptic applications, up-and-coming developments and trends, the challenges of bringing a product to market, and the future of haptics in our rapidly-advancing, technologically-minded world.

As the first industry driven haptics conference, Smart Haptics is the leading industry event dedicated to exploring the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are redefining the future of tactual perception, touch feedback technology, and how haptic technologies are changing the ways in which we interpret and interact with our world – and each other.

“Very informative, great presentations, and very well-organized.”
- Moving Magnet Technologies

Why attend Smart Haptics?

The conference brings together Smithers years of expertise in business intelligence, extensive event experience, and neutrality that will help expand your knowledge on:

  • The future of the haptics industry
  • Advancements in automotive haptics
  • The latest haptic developments for AR/VR/XR
  • Recent innovations in mobile device haptics
  • Haptic applications in health and wellness technologies
  • Social haptics and remote presence in the post-COVID-19 world

“Smart Haptics is the best conference for making new connections in the haptics industry.” - Head of Design, Immersion

Who attends?


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