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Interview with KEMET Electronics Corporation's Valerio Zerillo

Valerio Zerillo, Business Development & Product Manager Flex Piezo at KEMET Electronics Corporation, is a featured presenter at Smart Haptics 2023. Ahead of the conference, Producer Rebecca List sat down with Valerio to discuss his presentation and his excitement for the 2023 event!

Why have you decided to present at Smart Haptics 2023?

KEMET participated to Smart Haptics in December 2022, this was a great opportunity to build new relationships and get the latest updates from the industry. We decided to join in 2023 to keep contributing to the haptic industry and foster collaborations in the space.

Your presentation is titled High Definition Localized Haptics. Can you tell us more about why you’re excited to share your insights with this year’s attendees?

HD haptics technology has increased the value associated to tactile feedback and created the context for richer user experience. We believe that localized feedback will boost the user experience level and support key market sectors for haptics.

What do you think are some of the challenges currently facing this industry? How does an event like this help to address and explore those challenges?

Some industry challenges could be related to the lack of standards and the perceived maturity level associated to new technologies. Smart Haptics brings together key players from the industry, facilitating discussions and ideas sharing to face the most relevant industry challenges.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

I’m looking forward to staying up to date with the latest technical updates and exchange ideas with key people from the industry.