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Simon Chaput - Boréas Technologies Inc.

Simon Chaput

Founder and CEO at Boréas Technologies Inc.
Gerald Masson - Moving Magnet Technologies

Gerald Masson

Technical Specialist – Mechatronics at Moving Magnet Technologies
David Locke - ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE

David Locke

Senior Prize Director at ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE
James Herndon - Equal Entry

James Herndon

Technical Writer and Accessibility Consultant at Equal Entry
Francesca Rosella - CuteCircuit

Francesca Rosella

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder at CuteCircuit
Jacki Morie - XPRIZE

Jacki Morie

Prize Technical Advisor at XPRIZE
Dean Chang - Sensel, Inc.

Dean Chang

Director of Product Development at Sensel, Inc.
Peter Cooney - SAR Insight & Consulting

Peter Cooney

COO at SAR Insight & Consulting
David Birnbaum - Haptics Industry Forum

David Birnbaum

President at Haptics Industry Forum
James Howarth - Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.

James Howarth

Director of Engineering at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.
Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. - IDRAC Business School

Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing at IDRAC Business School
Eyal Ofek - Microsoft

Eyal Ofek

Principal Researchers at Microsoft
Laura Chadwick - XR Association

Laura Chadwick

Senior Director, Industry Relations at XR Association
Philipp Sachs - Xeeltech

Philipp Sachs

Chief Operating Office at Xeeltech
Dr. Manuel Kuehner - Toyota Research Institute

Dr. Manuel Kuehner

Staff Haptics Engineer at Toyota Research Institute
William Frier - Ultraleap

William Frier

Senior Haptics Research Engineer at Ultraleap
Eric Vezzoli - Interhaptics

Eric Vezzoli

Haptics Architect at Interhaptics
Tim Szeto - Nanoport Technology Inc.

Tim Szeto

CEO and Founder at Nanoport Technology Inc.
John Rogers - Northwestern University

John Rogers

Professor of Engineering at Northwestern University
Elisa Santella - Grewus

Elisa Santella

Managing Director at Grewus
Brian Kappus - Ultraleap

Brian Kappus

Automotive R&D Director at Ultraleap
Philippe Guillotel - InterDigital

Philippe Guillotel

Distinguished Scientist at InterDigital
Alex Russomanno - NewHaptics

Alex Russomanno

CEO at NewHaptics
Kevin Klein - Tanvas

Kevin Klein

VP Marketing at Tanvas
Srikanth Hari - Ford Motor Company

Srikanth Hari

Technical Program Manager at Ford Motor Company
Xiang Cao - Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Xiang Cao

Software Engineering Manager at Tencent Music Entertainment Group
Daniel Belquer - Music:Not Impossible

Daniel Belquer

CTO/Co-Founder at Music:Not Impossible