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Meet the speakers from 2020 who brought innovative and industry-leading content to the program.

2020 topics included:

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Haptics Industry Forum
  • Integrating a Wide Range of Technologies
  • Haptics Design for XR – Best Practices and Practical Use Cases
  • Haptics in Mixed Reality
  • Wearable Thermal Haptics: Opportunities in Digital Health and Wellness
  • On mediating and not mediating touch: some obstacles facing haptics adoption
  • And more!
David Locke - ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE

David Locke

Senior Prize Director at ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE
William R. Provancher - Tactical Haptics

William R. Provancher

Founder and CEO at Tactical Haptics
David Parisi, Ph.D - College of Charleston

David Parisi, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Emerging Media at College of Charleston
Jacki Morie - XPRIZE

Jacki Morie

Prize Technical Advisor at XPRIZE
Jeremy Fishel, Ph.D.  - Tangible Research

Jeremy Fishel, Ph.D.

Founder at Tangible Research
Nicholas Colonnese - Facebook Reality Labs

Nicholas Colonnese

Research Science Manager at Facebook Reality Labs
Alex Driskill-Smith  - Ultraleap

Alex Driskill-Smith

President, North America at Ultraleap
Eric Vezzoli - Interhaptics

Eric Vezzoli

Haptics Architect at Interhaptics
Tim Szeto - Nanoport Technology Inc.

Tim Szeto

CEO and Founder at Nanoport Technology Inc.
Craig Douglass  - Contact CI

Craig Douglass

CEO and Co-Founder at Contact CI
Gwydion ap Dafydd - Lofelt

Gwydion ap Dafydd

CTO at Lofelt
Philippe Guillotel - InterDigital

Philippe Guillotel

Distinguished Scientist at InterDigital
Daniel Haefliger, PhD - Sateco XT AG

Daniel Haefliger, PhD

CEO at Sateco XT AG
Yeshwant Muthusamy  Ph.D.,  - Immersion

Yeshwant Muthusamy Ph.D.,

Senior Director, Standards at Immersion
Kyle Machulis  - Nonpolynomial

Kyle Machulis

Founder and CEO at Nonpolynomial
Roberta Klatzky - Carnegie Mellon University and ANA Avatar XPRIZE Advisor

Roberta Klatzky

Professor of Psychology, Faculty of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Center for the at Carnegie Mellon University and ANA Avatar XPRIZE Advisor
Matthew J. Smith Ph.D,   - Embr Labs

Matthew J. Smith Ph.D,

Chief Scientific Officer at Embr Labs
Ed Colgate - Tanvas and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University

Ed Colgate

Co-Founder and CEO at Tanvas and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University