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2021 Speakers

The 2022 Agenda will be announced soon.
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The 2021 theme for explored The Technology of Tomorrow Is Buzzing Today: The Expanding World of Haptics. The 2021 agenda included presentations by Tanvas, Microsoft, MMT, Lofelt, Boréas Technologies Inc., Ultraleap, Sensel, and many more. Meet the 2021 speakers!

Meet the 2021 expert speakers!

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Simon Chaput - Boréas Technologies Inc.

Simon Chaput

Founder and CEO at Boréas Technologies Inc.
Gerald Masson - Moving Magnet Technologies

Gerald Masson

Technical Specialist – Mechatronics at Moving Magnet Technologies
David Locke - ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE

David Locke

Senior Prize Director at ANA Avatar XPRIZE, XPRIZE
James Herndon - Equal Entry

James Herndon

Technical Writer and Accessibility Consultant at Equal Entry
Francesca Rosella - CuteCircuit

Francesca Rosella

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder at CuteCircuit
Jacki Morie - XPRIZE

Jacki Morie

Prize Technical Advisor at XPRIZE
Dean Chang - Sensel, Inc.

Dean Chang

Director of Product Development at Sensel, Inc.
Peter Cooney - SAR Insight & Consulting

Peter Cooney

COO at SAR Insight & Consulting
David Birnbaum - Haptics Industry Forum

David Birnbaum

President at Haptics Industry Forum
James Howarth - Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.

James Howarth

Director of Engineering at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.
Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. - IDRAC Business School

Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing at IDRAC Business School
Eyal Ofek - Microsoft

Eyal Ofek

Principal Researchers at Microsoft
Laura Chadwick - XR Association

Laura Chadwick

Senior Director, Industry Relations at XR Association
Philipp Sachs - Xeeltech

Philipp Sachs

Chief Operating Office at Xeeltech
Dr. Manuel Kuehner - Toyota Research Institute

Dr. Manuel Kuehner

Staff Haptics Engineer at Toyota Research Institute
William Frier - Ultraleap

William Frier

Senior Haptics Research Engineer at Ultraleap
Eric Vezzoli - Interhaptics

Eric Vezzoli

Haptics Architect at Interhaptics
Tim Szeto - Nanoport Technology Inc.

Tim Szeto

CEO and Founder at Nanoport Technology Inc.
John Rogers - Northwestern University

John Rogers

Professor of Engineering at Northwestern University
Elisa Santella - Grewus

Elisa Santella

Managing Director at Grewus
Brian Kappus - Ultraleap

Brian Kappus

Automotive R&D Director at Ultraleap
Philippe Guillotel - InterDigital

Philippe Guillotel

Distinguished Scientist at InterDigital
Alex Russomanno - NewHaptics

Alex Russomanno

CEO at NewHaptics
Kevin Klein - Tanvas

Kevin Klein

VP Marketing at Tanvas
Srikanth Hari - Ford Motor Company

Srikanth Hari

Technical Program Manager at Ford Motor Company
Xiang Cao - Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Xiang Cao

Software Engineering Manager at Tencent Music Entertainment Group
Daniel Belquer - Music:Not Impossible

Daniel Belquer

CTO/Co-Founder at Music:Not Impossible