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Smart Haptics is a technical conference focused on the commercialization of haptic technology. This year’s event will explore how haptic technologies are changing the ways in which we interpret and interact with our world – and each other.

Since 2017, Smart Haptics has provided this growing industry with a forum dedicated to exploring the future of haptic technology. This conference encourages important conversations about emerging applications, innovative ideas, and opportunities for collaboration across the supply chain. Presentations are designed to engage and inform the haptics industry through case studies and panel discussions that provide the opportunity for attendees to both experience and explore the latest technologies and emerging applications. 

Highlights of the 2023 program:

  • Microsoft, Meta, New Haptics, Embr Labs, Afference, The University of Texas, bHaptics, Fluid Reality, Artimus Robotics, KEMET Electronics Corporation, and many more speakers presented leading insights into the evolving haptics industry.  
  • Presenters exploreed topics that are impacting the industry right now. Including new opportunities, innovations in retail, gaming, AR/VR/XR, health and wellness, the history of haptics, automotive advancements, actuator technology, looking to the future, and more. 
  • 4+ hours of networking built into the program
  • Attendees enjoyed networking lunches, a welcome reception with drinks and hors d'oeuvres at the end of the first day, and more – all included in your registration

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2023 Agenda

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Registration Open
Session I: The State of the Haptics Industry
Session II: Health and Wellness Applications
Session III: Gaming and AR/VR/XR Trends
Networking Mixer
Registration Open
Session IV: Innovative Applications and Solutions
Session V: Advancements in Automotive Haptics
Session VI: Developments in Actuator Technology
Session VII: Looking to the Future
Goodbye Lunch
Eric Acome - Artimus Robotics

Eric Acome

Co-Founder & CEO at Artimus Robotics
Masatoshi Miyakawa - Miraisens, Inc.

Masatoshi Miyakawa

Business Development Director at Miraisens, Inc.
Colin Gallacher - Haply Robotics

Colin Gallacher

President and Co-Founder at Haply Robotics
Nicholas Colonnese - Meta Reality Labs Research

Nicholas Colonnese

Research Science Director at Meta Reality Labs Research
Jacob Segil - Afference

Jacob Segil

CEO and Co-Founder at Afference
Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D. - IDRAC Business School

Dr. Margot Racat Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing at IDRAC Business School

2023 Sponsors

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Alps Alpine
Artimus Robotics
Boreas Technologies
Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

Advisory Board

Alicia Berry - Niantic. Inc.

Alicia Berry

Director, Technical Program Management at Niantic. Inc.
Nicholas Colonnese - Meta Reality Labs Research

Nicholas Colonnese

Research Science Director at Meta Reality Labs Research
Hong Z. Tan - Google

Hong Z. Tan

Lead Haptics Scientist at Google & Professor of Electrical and Computer Eng. Purdue University at Google
Eric Vezzoli - Haptics, Razer Inc.

Eric Vezzoli

Associate Director at Haptics, Razer Inc.
Stella Clarke - BMW Group

Stella Clarke

Research Engineer, Future User Interaction Concepts at BMW Group
Ed Colgate - Northwestern University

Ed Colgate

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University

Smart Haptics 2021 Speaker Eric Vezzoli, CEO, Interhaptics, discussed open haptics ecosystem: unlock a tremendous value for the haptics market.


Read how Smart Haptics 2019 led to industry leaders from Lofelt, Immersion, Cirrus Logic, Dialog Semiconductor and TDK collaborating to create haptic standards with the Haptics Industry Forum (HIF).


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